Kevin is not only capable, thorough and professional, he's also discreet, congenial, and a pleasure to speak with. Kevin was able to turn around a very difficult locate on my biological father (whom I've never met), with incredibly scarce and unreliable information to go on, in a mere 2 days. Turns out, my dad was on the other side of the world at the time, and Kevin was able to track him down in the Mediterranean, where only a day before there were questions as to whether he was even alive. It's a truly amazing story. I had tried over the course of a decade to hire investigators, all of whom were unable or unwilling to pursue the case, lacking much information as I did. Kevin's candor and competence cut through all the nonsense I had come to expect, and now my father and I are in contact thanks to Kevin's incredible investigative skills. I would (and do) recommend Mr. Hatcher's services without reservation: Kevin wins my Investigator of the Century Award.
Joshua R – Coral Gables, FL

I have been in practice since 1988. Since that time, I have found only one investigator who combines the skill, competence and discretion that my clients require. Kevin Hatcher of Legal Investigative Services has the trust of my clients and myself. I believe that attorneys and litigants can use his services with confidence.
Andrew Carnegie, Attorney at Law - Manhattan, NY

My purse was stolen out of my car, which had my credit cards and all my other identifying information. When the police couldn't help me, Kevin took the case and solved it within 48 hours and not only found the person who stole my identity, but helped crack a major theft ring.
Kim L - Newark, NJ

After 25 years of practicing law, I've finally found an international investigator that I trust and would recommend to anyone.
Randy Wheeler, Attorney at Law - Fresno, CA

I would highly recommend LIS. I have just recently used their services for the first time. I had previously used a private investigative service that did little more than verify two details, and take my money. I figure they conducted less than 4-6 hours work on my behalf, at most. LIS conducted a full-blown surveillance for several days, using more than adequate numbers of people, equipment and tactics. Anyone considering their services, would be more than welcome to contact me at my personal email address. I consider them highly professional.
Billy Caldwell – Atlanta, GA

I initially used another private investigator that I will not name that would give me false details to try to cover incompetence. Luckily, I found LIS who have just completed an in-depth investigation into my fiancée, whom I had invested a number of years plus literally millions of dollars into. I initially used LIS private investigators for surveillance in south Florida where they not only uncovered another man, but they also discovered through deeper investigation that she had been seeing this man for several years, even taking holidays outside the country together. I have also discovered through LIS investigators that I have been the victim of an on-going scam by both parties to which I would never have been aware. I was presented photographic, written and researched documents to verify what they had discovered. I wish I had thought to use a private investigator years before. The money for me is not important, as I would consider myself fortunate financially, but like everyone the hurt and humiliation is something I cannot ignore.
Hans W – Miami, FL